Food and exercise: why it matters: week 1 round-up

So, I’m at the end of my first week of my ‘normal’ way of eating. It’s good to be back! For those of you who only are interested in the nitty-gritty the results are:

  • waist down to 34″ which is less than the 34.5″ I started with on 7 March. So I’ve lost 2.5inches in 8 days.
  • belly down to 38″. I’ve lost 3 inches in 8 days..
  • hips down to 41″. I’ve lost 1inch here.
  • weight is 13 stone (82.7kg). On 7 March I weighed 80.5kg. I’ve lost 2kgs (4.4lbs) in the same time.

Please realise this isn’t fat loss. It’s bloat and water. Feels good to see less of me now though!

I feel better! More energy, so much less bloated and heavy, sleeping well (apart from Wednesday night when I was worried about the Triathlon!), no cravings or snacking. I’ve also done 2 of the 3 Fit Camp sessions for this week. I’ll do my third one tomorrow. These are in addition to my normal classes I teach which are 2 Nordic Walks of about 1-1.25 hours each, 3 BodyPump classes, 2 BodyVive classes and and aqua and the swim at the Sports Relief Green Park Triathlon on Thursday!

Typical breakfasts:

  • Blueberry and bacon omelette. (I’m really enjoying these at the moment! If you are someone who like bacon and maple syrup and pancakes it’s that kind of sweet/salt thing — very nice!)
  • Soaked oats porridge. Soak oats in water with a touch of apple cider vinegar overnight and then cook as porridge as normal. Serve with fruit or nuts, some form of fat ( I had sheep’s yoghurt) cinnamon. (It’s nice, but leaves me hungry not long afterwards, but so much less bloated than ‘fresh’ made porridge)
  • Poached eggs on wilted spinach with tomatoes.
  • Sheep’s yoghurt, desiccate coconut, dried fruit or banana and cinnamon (I like this 🙂 it’s light and tasty, but frankly does nothing for keeping hunger at bay if you have a lot on!)

Typical lunch

  • Big salads with either cold meat, or fish or previous dinner leftovers.
  • Soup

Typical dinners

  • Pork burgers with stir fried veg
  • Red Thai curry, basmati rice and broccoli (unusual I know!)
  • Homemade grain free fish fingers with saute potatoes and veg.
  • Risotto

I’ve been drinking water, (water filtered) decaffeinated coffee, fruit teas. If I have snacked it’s been on olives, nuts or fruit. Oh! and one confession, Herman the 10-day-long-fermenting -cake was made today and I had a slice — he was very nice, but not on plan!

So, there you have it. Week one done and dusted and I’m a getting back to my normal state. I’m certainly more lively. Which is great as I have a Fit Camp session to do tomorrow! Be good y’all.


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