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The 100th day team: Helen, Duncan, me, Becca

The 100th day team: Helen, Duncan, me, Becca

It’s done. 100 days of 5km runs completed. In all in aid of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge.

In summary

  • Over 500km run since the 23 September 2013.
  • More than 51,000 calories burned (according to Endomondo)
  • Two pairs of trainers run through.
  • Three parkruns completed.
  • One epic fall into a ditch.
  • 7 minutes off my slowest to quickest time.
  • 2.5 inches off my waist and belly.
  • 2 inches off my hips.
  • 99 washes of my sports bra each night.
parkrun 21 December 2013

parkrun 21 December 2013

For some of you it’s a stupid challenge. All that repetitive exercise, no rest day, no cross training…

For others it’s just ridiculous to even contemplate it. Running for the train is an issue.

And there are those who shrug and say ‘yeah I could do that’.

But it’s not about what you all think, it really is all about me. And not in a ‘look at me’ kind of way, because I wouldn’t recommend it or suggest you do it! But in a ‘what can I learn from this?’ way, what can it teach me about me that I can use in future endeavours.

So what have I learned?

That I need, need, need to make my goals public. As soon as it’s out there I am all over it. I won’t let myself down if I have to answer to others.

That there are no short cuts or ways out. No, there was not one day that I didn’t run. No, I didn’t miss a day then run twice the next day. No, I never walked one of them. Why? Because that wasn’t the plan.

That whilst many people will remind you that the journey to a goal has to be enjoyable too. Sometimes the achievement of the goal has to be a bigger pull than the pissy, boring journey (which at times it was).

That you need people around you who won’t let you give up. There were times when it was late in the day, dark and cold outside and my husband never once uttered the words “well it’s up to you”, or “you don’t have to go”.

That starting out with a goal in mind doesn’t mean you’ll know how you are going to get there. Just start it and see where it takes you. After all I started out as an unhappy plodder, I’ve finished as a happy runner.

Compared to last year’s burpee challenge this one was definitely mentally tougher, it needed more planning as it took more of my time each day but is more likely to become a lifestyle choice whereas the burpees weren’t likely to!

What next? Well, I won’t be hanging up my running shoes that’s for sure. It has been a fantastic boost to my health and as I love being outside I’ve benefited from the extra time outdoors.

2013-08-23 14.04.46

Other than that I really don’t know. I know that as you get to the end of one target you should have your next one in place so that you can proceed with gusto into the next success story of your life, but I think for now I will be focussing on my business, keeping my running going for my own mental and physical well-being and deciding what little challenge I can focus on next.

If you’d like to donate to the 100 Day Fitness Challenge Charity in support of this ridiculous challenge, I’d be very grateful. You can donate via Just Giving here
–> – thank you 🙂 — We’ve already raised an amazing £1626.57 from the Sunday Wake Up! sessions.



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