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That New Year Feeling…

So, New Year. How do you approach it? Are you the type who dreads it? Thinks it signals another year older and only serves as a reminder for what you haven’t achieved since this time last year? Or are you … Continue reading

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Testimonial: Liz Davies

Liz attended the health seminars in November 2011. “Heidi’s sessions have been enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and downright interesting. Although I’ve already been following a healthy diet since April (most of the time!) there is still more that i can easily … Continue reading


Testimonial: Wendy Measures

Wendy attended the health seminars in November 2011. “I’ve attended the last 4 Tuesdays. I learned a whole bunch of useful stuff and would definitely recommend it to anyone -even those of you that think you are already healthy will … Continue reading


Salad Dodgers, Veggie Shirkers and Fruit Avoiders Beware!

So, how much vitamin C do you make each day? No, go on have a guess, I’ll wait… ­čÖé Got it? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. We are one of the few mammals that doesn’t have the ability to make our own … Continue reading

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Fats, liver and all things digestion…

It was a weekend at ION again this weekend. Damn that month goes quickly! Each month I leave with renewed determination to G.S.D (Get Stuff Done!) and then it’s here again. Eek! Need to apply some better time management and … Continue reading

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