What ‘The Voice’ taught me

In case you didn’t know I watched the quarter finals of ‘The Voice’ on Friday night at Pinewood Studios. I’ve only ever seen trailers for the programme and really had little idea what to expect, but Sophie had been sent tickets from the studio audience ticket service and whilst we could have been sent anything from ‘Loose Women’ to ‘Draw It’ she got lucky with these.

It was a really amazing evening and we had super seats. The show has the largest live studio audience of 1200 people and you need to whoop a lot. But given that it was a live show, there was no time for retakes or errors. It was perfectly executed and showed what planning can do to prepare you for such a big show of many stage changes.

However it was whilst we were there that I saw in action what I’ve read about and been told time and time again about how having a whole lot of passion about what you want to achieve will win hands down every time.

There were moments when the show wasn’t on air and they were changing the set or doing interviews with the contestants. During this time there is a man doing some chatting, joke telling and generally keeping us informed of what is going on. He was amusing and did his job really well. He had several signed items from the ‘coaches’. So a signed photograph from The Script, signed CD from Jessie J, Will.i.am and Tom Jones. All very lovely. But you had to win them.

You can imagine that there were a few fans in the studio for these stars and there was a lot of shouting and waving and screaming to get his attention. However for the Jessie J and The Script prizes he asked who would knew all the words to all their songs. If you were able to sing along to any song he chose, you could win the prize. (At this point I did think, “it’s only a bloomin’ photo”)

However, and this is my point that to succeed in life

You need to truly know your outcome –  I want the CD / photo

You need to have such passion that it overcome you – Knowing every word of all the songs

And that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the outcome – sing, live in front of 1200 people, many of whom also want what it is what you’re working for but aren’t prepared to do what you are doing to get it.

Two amazingly brave and dedicated people won a signed photo (a bloomin’ photo!) and a CD with a squiggle on it because they wanted it so badly.

If you’re not achieving what you want, perhaps you don’t know

(a) what you truly want. So go and write down exactly what it is you want to the finest detail. Know exactly where you are heading.

(b) how much you really want it. If it doesn’t excite you then you’re not passionate enough to achieve it, so all the longing , wishing and hoping won’t make it happen. If you’re not passionate enough about it ask yourself more questions. Why do I want this? How will I feel when I do achieve it? How will my life be when I reach this target? If you can’t stoke up the pure excitement for achieving it, it’s the wrong goal.

(c) not prepared to do what it takes. Remember the time will never be right, you’ll never have enough money, you’ll never know enough, it will never be perfect and you’ll always be a little bit scared. But if you don’t just DO IT when the opportunity presents itself someone else will and you’ll always wish you had.

Stop worrying. Get doing.

P.S. Even Holly Willoughby struggles with her shoes. A desperate kicking off of the Louboutin stiletto shoes between shows was very pleasing! 🙂


Heidi Strickland-Clark runs FastTrack Fit Camp, a health focussed bootcamp in the Wokingham area with venues in Swallowfield, Yateley, Winnersh, Wokingham, Twyford & Warfield. She has a passion for all things food and health related and has more than a healthy preference for good, black coffee. 

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