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I first thought about this blog last night night. It was the end of a long day, I’d not eaten much all day, taught some group exercise sessions, worked in the office and generally been on the go since I got up. I thought that I was looking forward to the end of this Fit Camp run as it had seemed particularly long and a few nights off would be nice. Then I looked back and considered that really, since September last year it’s been pretty hectic all round.

I’ve been on many weekend courses and lectures, I’ve had stresses with various aspects of my life both personally and professionally, I’ve taken on more than I can manage more than once, I’ve tried to keep up with some people at the expense of letting other things go, I’ve had way too little sleep for too long, I’ve seen our elder daughter leave to Australia for a year and started the job of helping the younger one look at Universities. All the while working and generally GSD (getting stuff done!) It’s been a non-stop topsy-turvey few months with a few Sundays off along the way. I know this is normal for many people and I am not trying to suggest for one minute I am more busy / stressed than you are. BUT…in all this time, I’ve not been ill. In fact I have felt full of beans most of the time. Nothing major has cropped up to stop me from working, I did have a 3 day sniffle and cough over Christmas, then it went. I put this run of good health, despite running at full pelt for 6 months, totally down to how I eat. My diet is not perfect, however compared to how it was two years ago (when I thought it was healthy) it is very different. My diet and supplementation has kept me going.

But despite this people still tell me either (a) they eat healthily when I can see they don’t or (b) eating well and supplementing doesn’t make a difference. So, here we go.  I am reverting to my previous diet for 2 weeks to see how it makes me feel. I’m going to blog on the changes I experience and see how it affects me. Then come the 19th March I’ll be going the other way to show you how you can feel so much better when you stop kidding yourself that you can’t change and just get on with it. Both good day-to-day and long term health is right there in your hands! 🙂

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