100 days to May.

Today is February 7th and it’s 100 days until my birthday. Yes I did count them, but it’s a nice manageable number of days for a challenge. I proved that already with my 100 Days of Fitness last year so I know it works. But to make it different….hmmm?

This 100DC will have several components.

  • A fitness component.
  • A ‘life’ thingamajig
  • A health doo-dah.

Fitness component is 100 reps. The idea is that each day I drop a burpee and gain a press up. Today I did 90 burpees and 10 full press ups. We’ll see how that goes! I knew I could do 100 burpees a day for 100 days. That was a matter of grit and promise. But press ups? We’ll see!

Life thingamajig. This first one is take a photo for 25 days of something that is in the wrong place. Like this…

And also a pic on my walk in the same place each day until May 18.

A health doo-dah…hmm, well I think I’d better start by listening to my own advice and drink more water. I am pretty rubbish at that. Two litres a day it is.

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