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You’ve probably gathered by now that I like learning. In fact I get a bit twitchy when I haven’t done a course for a while, so I feel really delighted that I bit the bullet last October at the National Achievers Congress and signed myself up for a Public Speaking course with Andy Harrington.

I have no fear of speaking in public, teaching exercise knocks any fear of that right out of you, but I know my weaknesses and I really wanted to know how to make the whole art of public speaking look … well…easy!

The course was a four day affair in Heathrow and on day one saw about 105 people register and start.  Over the space of the next four days however as the pressure started to mount a little that number dwindled as people found reasons not to come back. All I can say to that is ‘what a shame!’.  It was such a huge opportunity to learn from someone who is an expert in his field. Someone who can help, mould and shape you to be brilliant and you then walk away when it gets a bit tough? That wasn’t going to be me!

Over the 4 days we moved from doing a 1-2 minute presentation on day one to a 25 minute presentation on day 4. What a change we could see in everyone and what support everyone gave each other, it was a very supportive and friendly environment to learn in.

I spent most of the weekend talking to myself and at times I drove myself mad with repeating the same old stuff, but it did get better and I did feel more conversational in my delivery. My only real problem with the weekend was being so deep in my thoughts and speaking one night on the way home that I whizzed past my exit on the M4 making the whole journey a whole lot longer!

I’ve taken the next step to further improve by applying for and being accepted to be part of the Public Speakers Academy. This is more daunting than the course itself, it’s another unknown. But then again what’s the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? It aint gonna kill me, so watch me grow in strength as I tackle this next challenge!

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