100 Day Challenge: Grain free for 27 days…

Two weeks on from my last post and I am still on my grain free journey. It’s a lot easier than my 100 day burpee challenge that’s for sure!

In terms of any changes to my health I have noticed that I don’t get tired mid-afternoon. I didn’t suffer from this a lot, but there were times when I was looking at my PC but not really getting anything much achieved. I also have no bloating unless I eat beans or lentils. These are very inflammatory for me and whilst I really like them I have to think twice about adding them to meals.

I am usually a pretty stable, happy kind of person, but pre-menstrually I can get a bit insular, low and have self-doubting chat rattling around in my head for about a day or so. I also get physical symptoms of breast soreness and stomach bloat. This month though all of these things are much less significant, so as not to be really noticeable.

My weight is stable, my digestion and sleep good and I feel in good shape all the time, I don’t seem to have ‘fat days’ anymore. I am sure some ladies know what I mean by that.

I’ve eaten out a few times for various reasons this month. This is how I’ve coped.

1. Rugby Club buffet – most of it was covered in or sat on a wheat based item. Or, was to be served with bread. I had lots of lettuce (no one eats that at buffets anyway), cherry tomatoes, grapes, cheese, ham, celery, nuts.

2. Breakfast Networking meeting: never eat the food here, it’s rubbish! All in pappy white rolls with margarine.

3. Meal out with Dale: Indian buffet, I avoided the rice, naan and batter covered items as no one could be sure as to what they were covered with. I had pretty much everything else! The plate was loaded and yes I included dahl and yes I regretted it! Chose wine over beer and didn’t feel deprived at all.

4. Lunchtime networking meeting: hot buffet — there were no grains served with the hot meal, but cheesecake for dessert, so avoided that and had fruit instead.

My own home meals have been along these lines.


Anything with eggs
Baked goats cheese on beef tomato and leaves
Greek yoghurt, seeds and dried fruit
Grain free Lorne sausage and tomato and leaves

Lorne Sausage


Almost always a large salad with some protein like home made burgers, chicken, cheese, accompanied by olives.
Soup with a home made grain free cheese scone (lordy they were good!)


Thai curry and carrot bhaji
Roast chicken and sticky carrots with stir fried Brussels
Paprika pork and split peas
Carrot and coriander soup
Cod wrapped in bacon
Braised Texan Beef with roast veg
Honeyed Salmon and sweet potato wedges
Home made Chinese pork burgers and stir fried veg (probably Brussels because I have discovered how much I like them 😀 )

Grain free cheese scones

My desire to bake has manifested with creations like:

Grain free pecan pie
Grain free rhubarb crumble
Mincemeat and apple flan
Tahini cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Persimmon cake

Grain Free Pecan Pie

Look! I am still alive and I didn’t eat bread or rice. I also haven’t missed out one bit! I am now a quarter of the way through, see you in a fortnight!

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