Feeling full of beans?

Happy New Year to you! Time to shake the hangover off and think about how you’re going to achieve all those resolutions you made to yourself last night!

Managing your health has to be the very best thing you can do for yourself. Life is easier and happier when you’re in good health! It’s true that when you’re young you don’t worry about it, but when you’re old (or ill) you wish you had! Keeping good health appears to be a difficult task with so many people getting the big diseases it’s almost as though some feel that they are destined to get something seriously wrong with them during their life. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Good longevity, healthy aging and vibrant health are your right and within your grasp, the problem is we’re being fed, literally, a  bunch of unhealthy stories by food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

For example did you know that following the ‘Eatwell Plate’ guidelines of 8 portions of starchy grains each day is contributing to the rapid increase of diabetes and heart disease? And that replacing saturated fats with processed vegetable oils (margarines and spreads) is damaging our cardiovascular system not improving it?

To find out more about what you can do to take control back, I’m running a four week series of health talks covering all aspects of health from nutrition, to stress management, supplementation, disease prevention, mood management, eating for fat loss, weight management, digestion, managing hormones plus much more.

The group is small and informal giving people plenty of time to ask questions and get the best out of the four weeks.

We’ll be meeting on a Wednesday at 19.30 until about 20:45-21:00.

I’m starting on 11 January for 4 weeks and will meeting at St Crispin’s Leisure Centre.

At the last group in November Sandra said “I came here desperate for a change, I feel like I’ve been given a magic wand and got my beans back!“, Liz commented “Heidi’s sessions have been enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and downright interesting.”

To sign up and secure your place you can go to this link or you can drop me line to request a place.

If you want to feel better this year, now’s the time!

Have a brilliant first day of 2012!

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