Stepping up to the mark …

I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing several women change right before my eyes this week. In fact it’s been so damn powerful I’ve been on a high from it all week long, sleeping less and wanting to crack on with my own tasks.

Self belief or taking personal responsibility are phrases chucked about and dismissed by some as a bit of nonsense. Usually by confident souls who can’t imagine not being able to just getting something done. However, being fearful of something and doing it anyway is character and confidence building stuff and I love seeing it in action.

We started a new Fit Camp this week. A four week programme of healthy eating and regular exercise to lose a clothes size in a month. What a week it’s been! Now I know January traditionally is the month of motivation and renewed vigor but the strength of character of the people who have joined this week is inspiring.

I met a lady who has a diet coke habit; 12 a day. Consuming anything 12 times a day is pretty serious business and I was really quite worried for her heath if she continued. (It’s a whole other blog post, but trust me on this, if you drink this crap, and you value your long term mental and physical health, stop it.  Stop it right now and don’t even think about giving it to your children… step off soap box, will post more on this another time!) So when we discussed her giving it up I honestly thought I was being placated. Imagine my delight when not 1 hour later she emailed me to say she had thrown it all out! Determined to change her health and her ways, she got rid of all of it. Withdrawal symptoms yes, but still strong and determined even though it’s a struggle.

I met 9 women today who all had to tell us why we should chose them for a special fat loss programme. Each had a very personal story to tell of why their life would be improved if they were selected. Moving and emotional stuff. They were taken out of their comfort zones several times today (from having photos taken in undies to exercising harder than they have for a while) and on each occasion I could see the mental shift. “I don’t want to do this.”. “I need to do this”. Truly amazing.

A dear friend who has had a particularly difficult and traumatic few months has shown me how you can stay true to yourself with self belief and having the support of a fantastic network of friends. Despite times when she thought life was never going to improve. It’s starting to shine a little more brightly for her now.

Finally and, most importantly, most close to my heart, I’ve seen in the space of four days our daughter Laura grow and flourish before my eyes. Accepted to work as an au-pair in Australia for a year I was listening to sobs of “I think I’ve made the wrong choice, I don’t want to go” the night before her flight on Tuesday. Completely unhelpfully, I merely said “you’re going”. Since landing and writing her blog I’ve seen the world through her eyes. And it’s amazing! Her view changed immediately she got there, her attitude to her life, her behaviour, how she cares for herself and what she experiences are all beautifully detailed in her voice, through her words. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she is happy, that she stepped up to the mark and started to believe in herself. Beautiful.

I’ve learned from these wonderful ladies this week to just get on with it. It might feel uncomfortable, it might be out of the ordinary, but oh! what a journey and what a wonderful destination. Health, happiness and independence. It’s there for the taking by anyone who is prepared to reach for it. Go on — stretch!


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