Knowing what’s best

There are times when you sometimes have to just make a tough decision and move on. I’ve just done this. I’ve been on a journey for about a year to get myself onto the ION Nutritional Therapist course, a 3 year commitment. A 20 hours of self study a week responsibility. A weekend a month of full on lectures. Properly cited and referenced essays. Exams. I was up for that.

Problem was, the rest of my life wasn’t! Deciding to move on (not quitting — I’ve made a decision to change path) was tough. Do I defer or do I withdraw? Do I find another course, do I move away from nutrition altogether? I’ve been through a brief period of mourning this week deciding what to do.

I decided to stop. I do not have 20 hours a week for study. I want to learn, but I don’t want to write essays, especially crap ones as I don’t have the time to dedicate to them. I realised I don’t need to have exams and essays behind me to learn and grow. I’m helping people already, I can still do that. So with new energy and vigour I’ve a new plan ready to go ahead with so I can learn in a way that suits me whilst helping others.

My first project is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). If you suffer with, or know of someone who suffers with this condition and you want to be included in some natural, nutritional treatment and help then please drop me a line. I’ll be setting something up in the next few weeks. You can email me at

Sometimes you just need to let something go to let something else in.



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