Food and exercise: why it matters: Week 1

So here we go, heading off in the other direction. I’ve done showing how eating too many starchy grain based carbs can make you bigger, more tired and spotty. Now I am going to show you how eating a clean diet, high in good quality fats, proteins, vegetables and fruit will make you feel energetic, smaller and leaner.

I will also be exercising (additionally to my normal classes) 3 times a week following our Fit Camp sessions for the month. I will be doing those on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday. My target for these 4 weeks is to get into a pair of ‘smart’ black trousers. They usually fit fine, they sometimes fit quite loosely, but right now they are snug!


  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Processed dairy

What I’m including

  • I have found a water filtered decaffeinated coffee which I use. Don’t use any old decaff, the chemicals used are pretty nasty, water filtered only!
  • Organic saturated fats for cooking. Yeo Valley or Kerrygold butter, goose fat, organic lard or coconut oil.
  • Some rice, some potatoes, some oats (but soaked — and I’ll go into that later).
  • Unpasteurised (raw) dairy products. If I can find these I shall be using them.

Breakfast today: Butter sauteed sweet potato cubes with spinach and two scrambled eggs. Lots of ground pepper – all made in one pan.

Lunch: sauteed a half a leek and half an onion in butter, added some spinach and purple sprouting broccoli with small amount of raw hard cheese cubes, served with a grilled mackerel fillet and a pile of grated carrot dressed with lemon juice and salt. Had some blood orange and mango fruit salad.

Post workout nibble: 5 roasted almonds

Dinner: homemade pork burgers, guacamole and stir fired broccoli and onions.

That was me done for the day. Not hungry, no cravings, not even that peckish feeling you get when you think you could eat something. Had a fruit tea after Fit Camp and before bed. Was completely bushed, started to fall asleep on the sofa so was in bed by 10.30

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