Food: why it matters: Day ten

Another day and no time to rest and chew over the seminar, onwards with new things.

Had a nice long FB chat with Laura this morning…

Breakfast, I had the last 2.5 slices of spelt bread with butter and marmalade. Coffee, water and supplements. Went to Vida’s to plan next month’s camp. Had a very healthy hot water and lemon and ginger there! Need to start to get used to it again 🙂

Drove to Bristol for training on two of the classes I teach. It’s a quarterly thing and I haven’t been for a while, so it was quite nice. I also like just being a participant every now and then and getting my own arse whopped rather than me doing the whopping.

Note: not a great idea to do a BodyPump class, increase your weights ‘cos you don’t have to speak and teach, and then sit in the car for two hours.

Had lunch at the club. It was soup with ‘a loaf of bread’. Now I realise I wasn’t going to get a whole full size loaf of bread, but really, I thought this was pathetic! I tried to give you an idea of scale by placing  pat of butter next to it!

Had a flapjack and coffee too. I’ve also been drinking water all day. It’s been non-stop. Not good for a long motorway journey!

Whizzed in about 7.30pm to see Soph, who is 17 today. Happy Birthday Soph! We agreed on a quick dinner and ordered in Domino’s. I have no idea when I last had delivered pizza, then to top off all the effort I’d put in for her birthday today we had a shop bought cake! Oh the love and effort and dedication!

See how sad she looks! Did a load of chauffeuring around to various parts of Finchampstead and Reading to take Soph to her boyfriend’s and my mum home. Finally got back at about 9pm. Sorry, but I had another coffee and found my way up here.

I think this is probably officially my last day of ‘old style diet’. This weekend I am on a conference on old traditions of food production. All food is provided so it will be incredibly healthy and wonderful — look for yourself!

My blog over the weekend will focus on the topics rather than on me and my girth. So next phase:

Food: why it matters to eat clean and exercise: starts Monday

Phase one summary: eating wholesome, mainly homemade carbohydrate meals don’t work for me. Increased weight 9lbs in 8 days, 2 inches on waist and hips, 4 inches on belly. Tired, lethargic, bloated, spotty, return of old health issues, aches re-appeared, inability to exercise at same level of intensity, cravings, sluggish and heavy…sound like you? Fancy changing with me for the next four weeks and seeing how you feel?


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