Food: why it matters: Day nine

Day nine: It’s close to the end and already I am making changes. My right knee is so damn painful I am back on all my supplements.

A morning plan for me is 1 x multi-vit, 2 x 1g vit C, 2 x fish oil, 1 x B complex. I take more but that’s what the morning holds after breakfast.

I had an early class this morning, so was up at 5.45 and had coffee and water only. Taught BodyPump, with this bloody painful knee, and then came home for poached eggs on spelt toast. Headed out to Nordic Walking and we plodded through the fog for an hour or so and then I went home to finalise plans for our talk this evening.

I think I had an orange inbetween breakfast and lunch. Not sure. This is ABSOLUTELY why you need to do food diaries as you go along, you will forget. Lunch was lovely, it was my kind of lunch, huge plate of salad which I filled twice and had with olives and feta cheese, loads of olive oil on top. Coffee.

Hmm, did I snack mid-afternoon.? Yep, I had 3 rice cakes and marmalade, infact now I think about it I had that after my lunch too. See what I mean?!

Mood was distracted with attempts to be focussed today. Planning for the evening, thinking ahead to a busy three days and then new Fit Camp next week, it still rolls on and on without much let up!

Had dinner before we left and had griddled chicken breast, half an avocado, sauteed spuds and leeks and more salad.

Had a very lovely evening at St Anne’s Manor talking about all things fat related. There is something of a buzz you get when you’ve got 80 people in front you ready to listen. You want to be clear, concise and tell a really good story. I think we got there, I do hope so. 🙂 We also raised £132 for Sports Relief with the raffle — so hurrah! Shared my carbohydrate experience with them which is: in 8 days, 9lbs up, 2 inches up on waist, 4 inches up on belly, 2 inches on hips (surprised at that!!) Will be slowing turning it in as we head towards Monday when I’ll be going in the other direction!

Came home bloody knackered! The come down of adrenaline rushing through my body in the build up and delivery of the presentation was rapid! Indulged in 2 glasses of red before plodding upstair to blog!


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