Food: why it matters: Day eight

Didn’t want to get up today. Very bleurgh and achey. Not good, I did 3 hours of exercise yesterday, but in my old life that was normal. I accept I am out that rat race now and my body has adjusted, but really it was a real don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed-stamp-foot feeling.

But I did. Had a massage client at 9.30 so needed to be ready for that. Really not in the mood for breakfast today, so had two clementines and a coffee.

My client gave me some Herman Cake today. It’s a German Friendship Sour Dough cake, that you love and tend for 9 days before baking. Part of the process is to pass on part of the mix at day 9 so someone else can make it. We’ll see how it goes. Could have done with it 9 days ago, but there we go!

Got back about 10.45 and had 2 slices of spelt bread, butter and marmalade. It has to be my favourite comfort food. I have a vivid memory of a child of about 6 eating granary bread and marmalade in the garden for a snack. See what you’ve done Mum!

Lunch was an Athena networking meeting at The Sindlesham Mill Hotel. Had vegetarian Balti, rice and a poppadum. 3 mint chocolates afterwards. Most amusing moment happened during this meeting, when we were disturbed by a group of older ladies sitting down in another part of the restaurant in the hotel. There was lots of chat and laughing and it was quite distracting to our meeting. However, nothing as distracting as when they all suddenly stood and burst in to song to sing Grace. Oh dear, I got a fit of the giggles at this point! It was hilarious, about 20 of them, singing halleluiah to the hotel food in front of everyone! Classic.

Came home and coffee.

Mid-afternoon pre-BodyPump class piece of vinegar cake (that was my old style of thinking — stoke up before my classes).

Taught BodyPump, got a good sweat on and struggled a bit with my right knee. I am sure the change of diet has made this worse, will be interesting to see when I revert to normality next week. I am also finding it all a bit of chore on the exercise front. I still ache after my classes yesterday. That is completely unusual, so think it’s catching up now. Headed off to my sister’s after work, but she got caught late at work and so headed back home only to walk in just as Dale was dishing up. So we had a fairly typical old style dinner: chicken thighs in (jar) black bean sauce, a bit of rice (not as much as I used to have) broccoli. I then had natural yoghurt with desiccated coconut and fresh mango. Coffee. That’s me done for the day now!

Most of the comments I’ve had about this have been based around “well it must be great to eat like this” … all I can say is it’s like going on holiday or having extended leave over Christmas. Seems a great idea, but now its time to get back to normal! Most of the old foods I bought in are now gone, they won’t be replaced.

Dale and Sophie are glad to see the back of it too. Sophie doesn’t tolerate wheat well and Dale suffers with energy levels when he eats carbs, so all in all a good reminder for all of us that our normal diet suits us better than our old style one.

Next phase is to eat clean with the Fit Campers from Monday for 4 weeks. I’ll blog weekly on that, there is a phase three, but I’ll save that excitement from you for now!





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