Food: why it matters: Day seven

OK, so up at 5.50 for BodyPump. Had 2 slices spelt toast and marmalade before I went. I have no idea why, it wasn’t really necessary. Coffee too. Once home decided I didn’t need breakfast, I really need to feel less wodge-y. So did some admin before heading off for first Tuesday Nordic Walk group. It’s not quite so nice today, but still dry and a good day for plodding at pace!

As I sit here I’ve seen a chap arrive at my neighbour’s who cut the grass. I’ve not seen him since last summer and what a change. He is about 65-68 and used to chain smoke. He could easily smoke 4/5 cigarettes whilst on site for 45 minutes to an hour. I heard he had a heart attack last year. He has stopped smoking and lost quite a lot of weight, but my word he looks old. The stress of the illness has really had a profound effect on his appearance. Let that be a lesson to you all, stay healthy from now — it will keep you looking young well into your older years.

Went for my Nordic Walk with some lovely ladies and was really rather hungry by the time I got back. Had a coffee and a piece of my cake and am now in planning and prep mode for next Fit Camp and the presentation for Thursday evening.

Lunch was a bacon, avocado and tomato spelt sandwich with a pile of rocket. Then I had 3 spoons of natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of the granola breakfast cereal. Probably more coffee.

Office work all afternoon. More coffee and water and getting sleepier by the minute.

Update alert: Had a return of an old un-wanted friend. In the old days I was very prone to a herpes simplex outbreak, not as a coldsore on my mouth, but (weirdly) on one of my buttocks. It’s very odd. It started when I was pregnant with Laura and took years to diagnose as it would erupt (like cold sores do) then subside. It’s only ever on one ‘cheek’ and apart from being bloody itchy and leaving my career as a bikini-bum model in the dustbin because I am so scarred by it — the main problem is irritation from clothing and heat whilst I’ve got an outbreak.  I found that like all herpes outbreaks it’s aggravated by certain foods that contain high levels of the amino acid arginine by comparison to lysine. Nuts and seeds are some of these foods. So I used to cut them out. I found that when I started to ‘eat clean’ I could then eat nuts and seeds again without any problems. The only time I would get any problems is when particularly stressed. Well…this week, it’s back! That really didn’t take long at all to reappear. I’ll be happy to rid of that again.

Had the option to go to a networking dinner with Dale this evening. Two reasons I’m not going (a) got a massage client who needs me more than I need an Indian meal (b) can’t face eating out! This isn’t me at all!! I need to make sure I am ready to eat out, it’s Sophie’s birthday on Friday and we’re going out then, better start making some room!

I was hungry after my work this evening, but then again it was late, about 21.10. But only managed leek and potato soup from yesterday, a few Ryvita and butter, large glass of wine (well it was open) and picked at the apple flapjack malarky.

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