Food: why it matters: Day six

Almost a week in. I’ve had enough now. It was a bit exciting at first to eat what I wanted, however I am so sluggish and heavy of belly that it’s boring now. I am sleeping well considering the amount of caffeine consumed, but then again I have never had a problem with this. I do anticipate a problem when I remove it next week, it will be sleepless night all round. I’m odd like that 🙂

Woke up. Despite sleeping well I didn’t want to get up. This reminded me how I was two years ago. Dragging myself out of bed each day. Breakfast today was 2 slices of spelt bread and poached eggs. Now I do actually rate this breakfast on or off plan, however I wouldn’t do it every day. I tolerate spelt flour very well, it doesn’t make me feel too lousy and so if once a week, or every two weeks I fancied my own homemade spelt bread and poached eggs, I am going to have them. Coffee of course followed them today!

Sat in office all day today and running out to put my washing on my new washing line! I’m sorry but this makes me a happy lady! Lunch was homemade leek and potato soup, 2 slices spelt toast and a slice of vinegar cake. It’s at this point that too much flour of any type starts to get to me. I am now leaden with stodge and all I want to do is sit in the comfy chair in the lounge. As I did this today after lunch it dawned on me that this is what I always used to do after a meal. Go and sit and digest and psyche myself up for more work. In the past 6 months I have barely sat in that chair, so I am reckoning my energy levels were pretty high until this experiment.

I hope that so far you can see that my eating isn’t completely crap. It’s wholesome food, mainly homemade and fresh, but it’s not serving me well. I am so glad I didn’t go down the route of seeing how I’d respond to processed / ready made foods each day, I would have given in by now I am sure. I have no idea how Morgan Spurlock managed on Supersize Me.

Eating starchy carbs all the time is not the answer for a healthy diet or a lean physique. We’ve been told this for a long time. It isn’t the truth. In fact its these starchy carbs which to excess make us fat. An interesting book to read on this subject is Gary Taubes ‘Why We Get Fat’ — well worth a read if you want to attain a good shape. These types of starchy / grain based diets are not unusual for many people and this is a cause of many health, weight and mood issues.

Haven’t snacked today, just too full of stodge. Dinner was a monstrosity of a meal. Anyone would think I was still feeding a family of four with a guest each! I tried to make a pasticcio. I’ve only ever had it once. Vida made it when I went to a fitness convention with her several years ago. It was lovely. Mine wasn’t. It was a bit tasteless and stodgy, despite me adding extra veg into it and serving with purple sprouting broccoli. There is so much left, it’s going to last for ages! Anyway, it was more stodge and I’m not having that tomorrow I feel like I am full of glue. I lifted my t-shirt to show Dale my belly today. I asked him to take a photo of me and he said “don’t do it! It will scare them!”. I do look a bit pregnant now…

Review of changes so far: increased weight and girth, nagging headache, lack lustre and lacking energy in the day, no oomph, thirsty all the time, bloated most of the time, wind, skin not great and a bit itchy, elbows drying up, lack of concentration, needing to blow nose in the morning to clear (dairy reaction), less urine production despite drinking more water, bowels functioning pretty much daily.

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